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Saturday, August 14, 2004 - Alltel Arena - Little Rock, AR

by Courtney(~AmyLynn's#1~)


EvDay: 9:00am. My brother, his girlfriend, my friend, and I loaded up and hit the road for Little Rock. We ran a couple of errands in town before we actually left, but we arrived at Vino's at noon for the Evboard lunch. I made a fool of myself in front of Syd and a few others.. *hides in shame*, but it was awesome finally getting to meet everyone there. We left Vino's a couple of hours later, and went straight to the venue where the wait felt like eternity as we baked in the sun. Around 5pm the line started moving, and everyone started coming back to life again. Soundcheck-Thunder rolled from the Alltel and the first few notes of Haunted streamed out...I nearly died. I couldn't make it through security with my camera's and bag, but once I got settled in on the floor a girl standing behind me felt bad and gave me her extra camera.(: We were basically in the third row from the stage, and even at this point it was a tight squeeze. Then people started crowding in all around us, And then it all began..

The lights dimmed and Breaking Benjamin came on stage. Everyone was pushing forward, until everyone was spooning someone lol. Breaking Benjamin was better than I expected them to be, and I really enjoyed their performance..and the sweaty towell I caught, but have no idea what to do with. I only recognized one of their songs, but all-in-all..they were great. Amy Lee ran across the stage, accompanied by a few others, and covered B.B. in silly string while they were performing.

3 Days Grace took the stage soon after. I don't remember much about them though.. due to the traumatic events of the Crowd Surfers whom I had never encountered before, but soon learned to watch out for. The music was awesome as far as I remember, and the drummer was a blast to watch- He went crazy and beat the hell out of his drums. I think it was someone from Seether, dressed up as a Leprachaun and threw Lucky Charms all over the guys..it was hilarious. He was wearing a leotard that was pulled half up his ass. The 3.D.G. banner went down, Seether's went up, and the crowd went crazy.

Seether came on with a bang...Their entire performance was AWESOME. Shaun sounded incredible, and in the spirit of Kurt Cobain, he smashed his guitar into many little pieces. Broken was sang beautifully, and as a tribute to Amy's sister, Lori, who was celebrating her birthday with family and friends in a box?/observation suite? at the top of the arena. Plus the show was filled with many great pranks and the like. For instance, some really cute EvMonkeys came onstage and danced around Shaun and Pat..They played the cymbals in Shaun's face and threw bananas in the crowd. I saw the littlest ape that was totally all over Shaun(; go to the side of the stage and take off the the mask, and it was none other than Teh Ames. Ms. Lee was also responsible for a confetti explosion which she laughed about b/c Seether would have to clean it up later. Then...

EVANESCENCE....The wait between bands was the longest after Seether. Knowing that Ev. was next, everyone was going crazy. Finally...The lights went off again... then Seether's banner raised up and off, the extended stage was set. The first notes of Haunted began to play, and Amy delivered a performance of a lifetime. She was so close, I could see her brilliant blue eyes full of emotion as she sang the words straight from her soul...Unfortunately, I was enjoying the performance too much and forgot to pay attention to the moshing and surfing.. when BAM..I was knocked to the ground b/c a guy landed smack on my face. When he was pulled away I was taken with him b/c my head was squeezed between his legs.. though someone saved me and pulled me back. I snapped right back though, and was immediately lost in Evanescence once again. The whole band is extremely talented: Rocky's drum-action was total awesomeness. Terry, Will, and John all did an amazing job as well. And Amy...*gasp*. Her voice never once cracked. It SOARED through the crowd with such force...and with the bright lights and smoke..I felt like I was watching an angel-She was more than heavenly. All was going great, Ev was totally rocking the place, and then craziness hits once again when Seether and the others fight back at them for the pranks lol. All the guys dressed up in Amy's clothes, the official "Amy Imposters", and danced around her. Shaun was wearing a purple prom dress and tiarra at the back of the stage pretending to be a ballerina. The piano rose out of the of the stage. Amy played "Halloween", Breathe No More, Thoughtless, and My Immortal...needless to say, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Though she found it difficult to keep her attention on the music b/c Seether's manager, who was also dressed in her clothes and her pink wig from Everybody's Fool, was laying on top of the Baldwin, twirling a flower in her face, rolling around..sticking his ass and feet in the air...making things a bit..'uncomfortable' for her lol. Shaun added the much needed cowbell to Bring Me to Life...After the chaos was over Ev finished with the Zero cover and Whisper, which was the perfect encore. Amy threw the rest of her water on ME! hehe.. and others of course.. I was delighted to bathe in Amy's water though.. *sighs*..I wasn't able to catch the actual bottle..she threw it, it was headed straight towards me, and it hit my fingertips as I fell to the ground again from the force of EVERYONE trying to catch that water bottle. Ev left the stage after Rocky threw some drumsticks and Will threw guitar picks..didn't get any of those either :(. BUT...after the crowd started leaving, I stuck around and went to the front of the stage for a few, when a man was cleaning up, saw me standing there, and brought me a rock that was supposedly used as a prop/joke for Terry's guitar. He leaned off the stage, handed it to me, and told me to keep it.. it has this hilarious drawing of a goth guy with boobs on it. I'll cherish it always.

Afterwards, I payed a small visit to the merch booth which was totally picked over by the time I got there. Then we all headed home again. I couldn't stay to meet Ev at the tour buses, but we did pass a limo on the way out, which I later learned escorted Amy and her family away from the arena...so I couldn't have met her anyways. Shaun, John LeCompt, and a few others took a limo to a hotel where some of the Evboarders were staying and they all hung out together there for a while.

In all, the concert was PHENOMINAL. Others that had actually been to an Evanescence concert before said that it was by far the best they had EVER seen. Nothing could've prepared me for it ..simply amazing. From Haunted to Whisper.. Everything... Was. Perfect.

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