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Wednesday, July 7, 2004 - PNE / Pacific Coliseum - Vancuver, BC

by Kevin(blackvulture)
When we went to the venue, the buses were already there and we parked not too far from them. We walked down past them to the venue, the guys from Seether were outside the buses posing for pics and stuff from some fans that were already there. We didnt bother with them but I give them props for fan interaction. We went up to where the main doors were, and camped out for a few. Then Renda and I went back down to where the buses were hoping for some Ev love. As we were walking up we see John hauling some equitment from the truck to the bus and back. A couple fans were gonna try and get an autograph but he had em hold on for a minute while the equitment was loaded, then he came back and got mobbed by the 15 people or so that were waiting around there. We waited our turn, and got to talk to him. Kev and John About all I had to say was "I run johnlecompt.com" and he was all "HEY!!!" He said I didnt look much like my avatar on Evboard. lol He said he has some stuff to send me for the site, so thats pretty exciting! Then I got a pic with him (which I regretted not getting last time I met him), and then I took a pic of him with Renda.
After that I was totally jazzed! And I overheard a security guard saying the floor GA was not gonna let in by the main doors but down below, there was already about 8 girls by the floor doors, ages 14-20, Amy clones... we could hear Ev doing soundcheck. Towards the end of the soundcheck Renda and I went back towards the buses to see if Amy would come out. After a couple minutes Terry & Will slip around behind the truck and head for the bus pretty much unnoticed. A couple fans did go up to Terry and Will was off to the side by himself. Terry I'd briefly met once last year when I saw Cold, so I introduced myself to Will, he knew me from the ESF and thanked me for some of the stuff I'd done. Mentioned Lowercountry too :)
While I was talking to Will, Amy came out with her bodyguard and was signing for some people. No pics allowed tho, and I didnt have anything for her to sign, but it was still cool seeing her. Then we saw Terry was still outside but after Amy, no one was talking to him Terry and Kevin so I got to talk to him while he smoked a cigarette (like a good 10 minutes). We talked about Cold, the European tour they were just on, it was a lot of fun! Then got a pic with him too.
We headed back down to the line which seemed like it took a long time even tho we've waited much longer for other Ev shows. lol They let us into the venue around 6:45 and we all scored front spots against the baracade on the left side. THE PERFECT SPOT! While waiting, Phil spotted a guy holding an "Evboard" sign. It was Cardoo, we hollared and he came over. I hadnt seen him since the Cali trip last year so that was cool. He went back to his original spot which the girl behind us was very thankful for! During the show the crowd was the worst during Seether. At one point I had all my weight on my right leg pushing left. Like I said it was the worst during Seether but when Ev played Zero at the end it was a lil hard then too.
The opening band had a very indie feel about em. The Trews. In a different enviroment they wouldnt have been too bad but didnt really fit in well there. The bass player was pretty lifeless. Between sets Josh did a walk around testing Amy's mic.
Then Seether came on, opened with "Gasoline", did a few other songs I didnt know. Broken was the crowd favorite obviously, Amy did awesome. The rest of the Seether set I was battling the crowd pushing them off of us. Even after Seether finished the set they were still pushing hard for several minutes. It was pretty crazy and I was not looking forward to a whole Ev set of that. But it actually eased up a bit and I was able to have fun. I hollared at Josh as he was setting up for Ev, he smiled. There was some girl to my left that asked if I was here cause of him or the band. I said both. lol

Amy Haunted
Going Under
Taking Over Me
Everybody's Fool
Thoughtless (on piano)
My Last Breath
Farther Away
Breathe No More (on piano)
My Immortal (on piano)
Bring Me To Life (on piano)

For Thoughless, a piano was raised out of the stage, I knew they had been playing Thoughtless but it was a long intro and took a while to figure out what song it was. After that song the piano went back down during 2 songs, then came back up for Breathe No More. John grabbed an acoustic guitar and sat down and was shaking his head, then he looked up at me and connected for a sec, that was pretty funny. So they performed Breathe No More, John was just hella sweating for that. We couldnt see Amy because the piano was pointed the wrong way. Half way through the song Will spotted me tho and grinned too. And this was my first time hearing the live full band My Immortal! I've waited a LONG time for that. At the Moore the equitment broke so we only got a piano/vocal of it. But tonight's was perfect.
After the show Cardoo came over again, we met his girlfriend, and we all walked out together. I didnt see Josh on stage after but there was a lot of roadies running around. So I regret still not getting a pic with Josh, but maybe someday. We walked up to the buses, Cardoo and company were gonna hang out and see if the band came out. We were all pretty dehydrated so just decided to hit the road back to the hotel. Doo did get to meet several of em later so that was nice.

My 5th time seeing Evanescence, and this was the best of them all!

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