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Monday, August 31, 2003 - Bumbershoot - Seattle, WA

by Kevin(blackvulture)
(abridged review)
John and I head to Bumbershoot about 9:30am. As we're walking towards the gate we see Renda. She and Phil had been there for 20 minutes and had a place staked out in line. so we hop in line and the hour and a half passes rather quickly. At 11am they opened the gates and we got our wristbands. After that we had some time to kill so we all went browsing around the various booths and attractions. After they grabbed a quick snack and people watching for an hour Renda and I headed to the End Session with COLD.
After that, the gate to Memorial Stadium was open and people were flowing by the hundreds, John & Phil had already gone through. So we go in, use a payphone and get a hold of John. I go to score seats in the grandstand to find John, Phil, Lisa, & Biggs all there too. Renda makes her way back and we hang out for a while waiting for the show to start. Phil & Renda being totally insane head down to the field to be closer and get killed by the moshpit. smooth move.
Cold comes out. Acoustically they were AMAZING but I've seen some of their live rock performances and usually they are not that great... they blew me away! EXCELLENT SET! You would never know they were hella tired and damn near dead. They hit it right on! I was totally impressed and am an even bigger fan now without a doubt after a perfect acoustic show and a perfect rock show.
Then Evanescence comes out. I really noticed a change in Amy's performance ability since March! She's all over the place, she puts on a GREAT show! The base setlist was the same as the rest of the tour. Open with "Haunted", "Going Under", "Zero", "Taking Over Me", "Everybody’s Fool", "One Last Breath", "Farther Away", "Even In Death", "BMTL", "Tourniquet", "Imaginary". It was funny to see all the idiots leave before the encore.
The band comes back on stage and starts in with "Master Of Puppets", from that it leads into "Enter Sandman" for which Amy comes out and sings the first verse. Then they start into "One" and Amy is chasing John around the stage to get him to sing it but he refuses! BASTARD! lol Its still amazing instrumental. Finally Amy gives up and says, "Just play 'Heart Shaped Box'!" After that they play the last song of the night, "Whipser".
After the concert we tried to spot Josh, didnt see him anywhere, and the band wasnt out signing anything. So we called it a night and headed out. Sat in the parking lot traffic for about 15 minutes of hell but finally made my way home.

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