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Monday, August 4, 2003 - Universal Ampitheater - Los Angeles, CA

by Holly(kiisnsync)
Wow… tonight was amazing! I had such an awesome time!!!! OMG!!!
Viviana and I got there around 12:30 thinking there was gonna be a line… but like no one was and we ended up getting there way too early! For anyone going to the ,Universal Amphitheater, getting there early doesn’t matter cause they mess everything up!
While we were waiting we met a bunch of other fans. Irwing and Steve were really nice… we talked about music and played card and Steve looks so much like Joey Fatone! Lol. We also talked with the moderator of the ev board (blimptor) he was nice, very obsessive, lol… but that’s not a bad thing, I’ve had my obsessions, lol. It was interesting hearing about what he had to say. And then Amy was another girl we met that was nice.
The let us in at about 6 something and we were able to make our way up to the front! We were like front and center, we couldn’t of had better seats!!! While we were waiting for them to set up the stage we saw Ben and we said “Hey Ben!!” he looked at us and was like “My name isn’t Ben!” and then Amy (the fan, not Amy Lee) was like “well you look a lot like him!” and he said “well this Ben guy must be very good looking!” lol
Cauterize started! They were pretty good! Very punk band like! They sang about 5 songs (I think) and Something Beautiful was one of them (I may have the song name wrong, but it’s their single). The drummer was sooo hot! Lol. I was staring at him most the time.
The next band was Revis!! Omg… they were awesome!! I love the songs they sang, but I only remember one name “caught in the rain”. They had had a lot of sound problems up to this point (you couldn’t hear the vocals of cauterize, revis, or cold very well). The lead singer of Revis tried making several hints for them to turn up the mic, tried fixing it himself… but when none of that worked he grabbed the mic infront of the guitarist and used that! During their set, Ben Moody ran onstage and I think he either grabbed or tickled the guitarist! Lol… then the guitarist went to run after Ben (all while still playing). It was like they were playing a game of tag during the song! Lol! Revis sang about 5 songs as well.
The next band was Cold! They sang about 7 or 8 songs I think ( I just know it was more than the first 2 bands). They sang Suffocation (not sure of the name), Stupid Girl… and I recognized one of the songs from A Walk To Remember… but I don’t know the name! they were good!
There isn’t a word to describe how good Evanescence was!!! Seriously amazing!! I want to see them again soooo much!! Don’t miss them when you get the chance to see them!!!
They started out by singing “Haunted” and then Amy said how glad she was to be finally be in LA and that it was night 1 of the tour! She also said it was the first night they were using all new sh!t… lol. Then they did “Going Under”.
Then they did a Smashing Pumpkin’s cover of “zero”. It was awesome! They kinda had a no doubt kinda vibe for it.
Then they did “taking over me”, “everybody’s fool”, “one last breath” and “farther away”. After farther away they had a long instrumental break with Ben, John, Will and Rocky while Amy ran off stage for a minute or 2.
She soon came back wearing a different outfit. She said it was her first costume change ever in her career and she almost did it in 60 seconds, but it was 68 seconds. Lol. She then started singing “Even In Death” but it didn’t work right so Ben took the mic and said something like “this stuff isn’t built to handle us! We’re tearing it up”. So she started to sing it again and it worked that time.
Then they brought out a mic for John and I knew it was time for “Bring Me To Life”!!! and then Amy said “this is the song that made us big, thanks for calling up and requesting it!” They rocked during this song! John did an awesome job on the vocals!
Then they did Tourniquet which was an amazing performance!!! Everyone was so into it. (well everyone was into their whole set, but there seemed to be extra energy in this one). Amy then said the next song was going to be the last song of the night and they did “Imaginary”. After they finished the whole place went dark and I knew there was probably going to be an encore! Then someone brought out a keyboard and everyone went crazy cause they knew what was going to happen! Soon Amy came out and started playing the intro to “my immortal”. She had changed for the 2nd time and was now wearing a “Staind” shirt! I guess she’s a fan of them too! . after she started the intro it didn’t sound right so she yelled out that something was put in backward and that someone needed to come fix it! Soon Ben came out and fixed it for her and she was like “Ben! You saved my life!” “Ben you still have all of me!” at that point everyone in the audience went “awww…” and she had a disgusted look on her face and was like “I was just kidding! Stop making those noises!” lmao. Then she started playing the keyboard and singing “My Immortal” and she did an amazing job! Later Ben, then Rocky, then John and Will all came out and joined her.
She then said “we cant end this show with a mushy love ballad! So here’s one more!” and they did “Whisper” I was sooo happy, cause that’s my fave song on the album and for a moment I thought they weren’t going to do it! After the song Ben came out and threw water on us! Lol… it hit my friend and I which was cool. Then Amy jumped offstage and ran down the walk way between the bar and the stage and I got to shake her hand and she ran by!
After everyone started leaving and the workers came onstage again I asked one of them for the set list and he gave it to me!! Yay!! I’m so happy I got it! Viviana and I both then bought shirts and went home… I got home around midnight!

Oh, and the setlist for Evanescence was (I promised I’d remember it, so I wrote down all the songs as they sang them).
Going Under
Zero- Smashing Pumkin’s cover
Taking Over Me
Everybody’s Fool
One Last Breath
Farther Away
Even In Death
Bring Me To Life
My Immortal

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