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Sunday, July 20, 2003 - Mt. Druitt - Sydney, Australia

by Katie(aleera84)
I got to meet Evanescence , my day started off horribly, I got a call to say that my friend wasnt going to be able to make it so I got a little bit upset because i wasnt sure if i wanted to go by myself so I did any way.
When I got to Mt Druitt Shopping centre I got a bit lost so by the time I got there, there was already 3 lines formed infront of me.
A few minutes of waiting I heard someone calling my and it was my old school friend so I hung out with her.
After waiting 2 and a half hours suddenly Amy and Ben appeared, they walked into a small room on the 2nd story of the shopping centre where they were interviewed by MTV Australia.
15 minutes later Mumma Jugs ( a radio presenter) introduced Amy and Ben to the crowd.
I looked at Amy and nearly died when I saw how pretty she was.
Oh and Ben was spunky aswell.
Mumma Jugs did a short interview with the band and she asked Ben what his favorite thing he had seen in Australia, he replied "The koala's" then Mumma said "You know they bite and scratch, What would you call the koala?" and Ben explained "Id call it Amy because you said they bite and scratch" LOL it made me laugh so much.
After their interview Amy explained that they had been asked to sing only 2 songs but she felt bad because this was the only instore performance so they would sing more then 2 which I thought was so nice of them.
The started off with "Going Under" which was a brilliant choice to start off with.
At the end of the song Amy said she was actually going to sing "Going down under" but she couldnt do it because she would laugh to much, then she started to sing "Im going down under" lol and Ben laughted, it was hilarious.
The next song Ben and Amy played was My Immortal, it showed me how beautiful Amy can sing.
After My Immortal they played a Nirvana song Heart shaped box when the chorus came about Amy laughted and said "I wanted you guys to sing the chorus and she continued.
After the song ended Amy jokingly said "just kidding thats not really our song".
Then after that they sang their number one Australian single "Bring me to life" I sang along to this one so loudly (i also phoned my friend lol).

When they had finished playing acoustic it was time for everyone to meet them, I got so excited that I went all hot.
It wasnt a long wait so when I got up there I was stunned like i always am meeting famous ppl.
First up I met Ben, he was nice and shook my hand and signed my cd but I didnt get to talk to him because this girl behind me talked over the top of me so that was a bit dissapointing.
Next up was Amy, I was looking forward to meeting her the most, I said hello to her and thanked her for signing my cd, she replied your welcome Katie, take care (she knew my name because I had a little note on the cd cover so they spelt my name right.
Then I left, WOO it was so cool and I got a free poster, its so huge.

I had an awesome day and Im glad that I went.

Here is the signed Fallen cd thats all MINE hahaha:

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