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Sunday July 6, 2003 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

by Brian(gjenkins05)
*dries off* I am still wet from the five different times it rained while I was waiting 10 hours for the show LOL. Anyway, here we go

Setlist -- I could screw it up, but I think this is right

Going Under
Taking Over Me
Everybody's Fool
My Last Breath
Farther Away
Even in Death
Bring Me To Life
My Immortal


As I said, it was a pretty wet day, it was sunny until about 3 and then the skies opened up and it rained hard off and on until about 7. I got front row, and JB came at about 2 and joined me up there. During the show I was front and center and he stood on the first row of benches behind me.

It was an awesome show, Ben and Amy threw water on us periodically throughout the show. I got about 20-25 pictures on a disposable that I will need to get developed, and then I will post them up.

I had a sign for Efanar that said "Efanar is the bomb diggity! " ... I held it for most of the show and don't know if Ben saw it, but JB held it up after Whisper when Ben went around throwing water on people and we know he saw it because he pointed at it LOL.

My Immortal live = *dies* ... That was awesome.

More later once I get the pics, but that is a basic wrap up.

Brian's concert pictures

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