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Tuesday May 20, 2003 - The Rave / Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI

by Brian(gjenkins05)
It was an awesome show, I guess I will start with the basics. I am doing the setlist from my head because they made me get rid of my pen (yes, you couldn't have pens, WTF LOL). Maybe Kimber or JB can correct me if I screw up:

Going Under
Taking Over Me
Everybody's Fool
My Last Breath
Farther Away
Even In Death
Bring Me To Life

Ev didn't go on until 10:45 p.m., but there were still more than enough songs to satisfy. . From what I could tell (by this time I was pretty much standing near the door behind a pole, LOL), John did the lyrics for BMTL and not Paul.

The show didn't start until 8, Reach 454 was decent (yet unhearable, the sound kind of sucked lol) and threw out free demo CD's and one happened to plunk me in the shoulder and I had the reflexes to grab it with people trying to push me forward onto Kimber and everyone else. By the time 12 Stones came on the entire section we were in (Kimber and I had gotten up to the front center four people from the stage) turned into the Paul McCoy mosh pit/push everyone every which way just for fun pit, so I took that as a chance to go get one of the Ev posters from the merch stand (and eventually meet JB). I didn't really watch Juliana Theory either, but they got booed for some reason or another, despite a good majority of people saying they were there to see Juliana Theory . I made my way back into the Rave for Ev, and as I said above it was an awesome show.

I was actually able to meet Amy before the show, which was pretty cool and I saw Rocky walking around the venue but he was talking to people and I didn't want to bug him. Overall it was a really cool day. Getting to meet Kimber, JB, and Amy was a pleasure, and Evanescence put on one hell of a show.

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