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Friday, March 14, 2003 - Hell's Kitchen - Tacoma, WA
Saturday, March 15, 2003 - Tower Records - Seattle, WA

by Kevin(blackvulture)
Concert + Signing Photos
---- FRIDAY ----
I checked my email first thing and see that Aaron(iokane) wouldnt be coming and I should go to the Evanescence concert without him. So after a quick lunch I head to the venue in Tacoma. I heard people had started lineing up at 5am. Well I got there at 11:30am and there was already a longass line! Approx 100 people ahead of me. I chill in line for about half an hour, I knew that Charles was gonna be there early too, so I poked my head out and saw that he had actually gotten there ahead of me and was about 25 people ahead in line, so I went up in line and talked to him for a while. Well he had made friends with the 5am people at the head of the line, and they invited us up to the front too! So we're kicking it for another half hour or so, when we look out and see a woman with a bag of Cheetos.(kinda a silly sign us from the Ev board were using), so Lisa(lisakat) hopped in line too. And her husband arrived soon after parking their car. So we hung out for a little while and by that time there was over 300 people in line (venue had 300 people limit!!) So they started passing out tickets, I FREAKED cause Dan(DCinSEA) hadnt arrived yet and thus couldnt get a ticket! I saw Josh(road manager) and talked to him for a sec, I had contacted him a couple days ago so he knew who I was, I asked if there was any way of getting Dan in, but he was only allowed 10 people on the Guestlist and it was already full, mostly with Tooth&Nail Record execs. That was quite disappointing. But Lisa's husband was EVER so gracious and gave up his ticket to Dan! VERY COOL!

Well since tickets were handed out, they wanted everyone to clear the area, and come back an hour before doors. So our little group went across the street to the pub and had drinks. Then around 4, we headed back to the line; got reletively the same spot back, about 10 people infront of us. Then they finally let us in, we tried grabbing good spots but the front row was already taken so we were sorta middle of the floor... and all the people filed into the place. The venue didnt have the A/C on and it got SO hot! Plus my legs and back were already killing me from standing in line and everything, I started even feeling a little sick so I ended up bailing and went back to the bar area had some water and chilled there for about 15 minutes or so, in the mean time the opening act The Pale went on stage and performed, half way through Dan came out and hit the bathroom and got some water too, then we both went back in and stood in the back for the last half of their set.

Between the two acts we managed to move over to the right of the venue and moved up a bit too, and then Evanescence hit the stage!

Amy looked absolutely beautiful! Ben, he has got to be one of the greatest guitarists around! Will was a fool, crazy lookin bastard. haha John did great on the male vocals for BMTL! And Rocky, awesome drummer, I could feel that bass drum shake the place!
In some ways I'm almost glad I didnt stay where we were standing earlier because that became the main spot for crowd surfers, moshpits and other such garbage. They did have the A/C on finally but it was still quite hot so every once in a while Amy would take a gulp of water and spit it out over the crowd! Damn I wish I was front row for that! Also Amy mentioned a few times about how SMALL the place was and not to worry because they would be returning to a bigger venue for their summer/fall tour.

The setlist was the same as other shows on this tour...
1. Going Under
2. Haunted
3. Taking Over Me
4. Everybody's Fool
5. My Last Breath
6. Farther Away
7. Bring Me To Life
8. Tourniquet
9. Imaginary
10. Whisper

After the show was over I talked to Josh again, asked about the band signing autographs, and almost every show they do, but tonight everyone had to clear out of the venue for another band was gonna perform for a later show. So he recommended we try the bus, so we all went out to the bus, waited a little while and Ben came off, but was hurried away, I did manage to get out a "Hey Ben!" as he passed me, but that was it. Amy never came off the bus and Ben never went back on so I can only assume he left for the hotel with their tour manager.

---- SATURDAY ----
They did an in-store signing and acoustic show.
I got there around 10:15am same time Lisa and her husband arrived. There was a fair number of people already in line, lot of familiar faces from yesterday. About 15 minutes before 1pm they let people into the store. Then a little after 1 Amy and Ben came out on stage and performed a three song acoustic set.
1. Going Under
2. Haunted
3. Bring Me To Life
After the set was over everyone had to go back outside and get in line again for the signing. And we ended up being fairly far back. However they did keep the line moving pretty well! When it was finally our turn, I mentioned "ninja efanar" to Ben, told him who I was and he remembered me. They both signed my Origin linernotes (could only get one thing signed), then Lisa took a picture of me with them! WOOO They were so amazing.

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