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News & Site Updates - 2003

December 29, 2003
This was too precious to let pass by. We got our first real hate mail to the site today. And I figured you all might get a laugh from it too. HATE MAIL
BEWARE: Reading it may kill braincells.

December 24, 2003
At a show in CT earlier this year Amy sang a little known ditty, known only to the truly elite as a song from Trogdor. On the 16th at the Little Rock show, Amy was presented a Trogdor Baby Doll Tee as a birthday / Christmas gift from Katia & Notachristianband.com

December 9, 2003

Thanks to Drew for the scan!

November 26, 2003
Now that the video for "My Immortal" is in rotation on many of the music video channels, I have made screen captures of my favorite moments. I hope you like em.
My Immortal

October 30, 2003
Lyrics for almost all of Ev's songs have been added.

September 19 & 22, 2003
Two new concert reviews. Milwaukee & Seattle, both worth checking out!

September 13, 2003

On EvRadio(from the official site) Amy mentioned she was missing a very rare CD from Bjork. Well tonight the CD delivery was successful to teh amy. Katia delivered the CD with contact info in case she cares to write something *hint* Also katia sez the concert kicked major bootay!!!11one!!

September 12, 2003
Just heard that "Fallen" has officially been certified TRIPLE PLATINUM! Congratulations!

September 10, 2003
Got 6 more songs added to the David site.

September 8, 2003
Web site launch. More to be added soon.

September 1-7, 2003
All information compiled. Website designed and created.
Lyrics to all David Hodges tracks transcribed!

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