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Hate Mail

From : A_____ T______ <idiot1@utterlyclueless.com>
Sent : Monday, December 29, 2003 11:23 AM
To : notachristianband.com
Subject : Hi. Would just like to sort out a "few things".

I would just like to say that I don't like your remark about "If Evanescence a Christian Band is". Well, I am a Christian AND WOULD ALSO LIKE TO KNOW is they are. Because nowadays you cannot listen to any heavy metal music because all the guys in those bands is children of satan.

And yes, it does matter if Evanescence a Christian band is because their music is excellent, and some people (like me) BELIEVE IN GOD, and wants to know if they are Christians, because what if they are satanists? OUR RELIGION WILL NOT ALLOW THAT!!! If you DON'T change your website's name (Evanescence...not a Christian Band) I will send my complain to the International Broadcasting Complaints Commision for Internet Purposes). I also believe that you are not a Christian, but please change the name, because there are many people out there who is Christians.

Thank You and GOD BLESS

A_____ T______,
Our response:
First of all I dont think English is their first language.
Second of all, I (Kevin) am in fact a very dedicated Christian, have been all my life.
Most importantly, all members of Evanescence (past & present) are all Christians and have stated such many times, however the musical entity of Evanescence is not a Christian band. There is a difference and the sooner the writer of the above email grasps that concept, the happier they shall be.
And two final items...
"heavy metal music because all the guys in those bands is children of satan"
*shakes head* Don't stereotype an entire genre of music like that, without having even the slightest clue what you are talking about. The majority of metal bands are pissed off and angry, 'fraid that doesnt make them children of satan. I'd actually recommend you check out Soul Embraced & Mindrage. The Christian metal bands both John & Rocky once played with.
And last but not least, the cherry on the top...
"International Broadcasting Complaints Commision for Internet Purposes"
You have got to be shittin' me. I'm afraid there is no such thing as the IBCCIP. But I enjoyed the empty threat. And I hope all the visitors to this site enjoyed it too. :)

From : B_____ Y___ L___ <idiot2@utterlyclueless.com>
Sent : Friday, February 13, 2004 8:14 PM
To : notachristianband.com
Subject : Christians

I am appalled at the things that you say. I don't care if you claim to be a Christian or not. Do you think that using profanity is godly? God judges us by our works as Christians. Do you think that God enjoyed Ben Moody saying what he said in his now famous interview? So what if he was mad? He was mad in front of the whole world. I have seen Ben and Amy in action, and I must say that from talking to them, I would definitely be flabbergasted to think that they were Christians. I am not saying that they are not, but from what I have seen even I would doubt this if I did not know they were Christians. I hate that all of the members of Evanescence have to get a bad rap for what Ben and Amy may do. I am not saying that the others are saints either. Also, I think it was pretty odd for you to use profanity in your rebuttal. You are just as ignorant as the person who emailed you previously. I am sorry that I have to be the one to say this. I pray every day that people will live what they believe and stop acting so foolish. People die every day for what they believe in China. I guess it is OK for you and your friends to act like fools and use the Christian label. Maybe it helps your conscious. I will pray for you as well and I hope that you understand that I am upset by believers who are living a life that fits there own needs.

B_____ Y___ L___
Our response:
You're appalled at the things I say? In this overly liberal politically correct world I say: GOOD. You know I wouldn't wanna step on any toes.
Profanity is not godly, you are correct about that. I never take God's name in vain. The only profanity I used in my previous rebuttal was "You have got to be shittin' me." which is a reaction I have when reading many of the emails I recieve, including this one. Any profanity Ben used is between him and God, it isn't my concern in the least. From what I've seen of Ben, Amy and the rest outside of what is thrown at us by the liberal mass media, I do believe their faith to be genuine. But again, its between them and God. Something to be eternally thankful for; that it's not by our works that we are saved, only the grace of God.
The China referance is rather interesting. If you wanna do something about it, support a missionary, be a missionary. Don't use it as some weak guilt trip for living in a free country.
Christianity isnt just some label I use, it's how I live. Anyone that knows me from more than a couple lines on some website knows this about me too. My conscious is clear, I am forgiven.
And just to wrap this up, you warned me about what I say, I want to warn you about what you say. The "holier-than-thou" attitude does far more damage by driving people away from the faith, instead of associating with them and drawing them in.

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